Web 2.0 Review and Critiques

I came across this web application when I was searching bookmarks.  Others that I researched were reddit, delicious,  and diggo/ furl. The sign up was rather easy it took less than a few minutes. The StumbleUpon  comes with toolbar which makes it easier to link to the site. The main reason I chose to use this application for my bookmarks was that it is customizable to my interests. Matter of factly while I was signing up I was given the choice to select the topics that interest me the most. I can edit these selections later if there are particular forums that picque my interest. The use of service is free but there is some mention of applicable fees in the EULA but none that I could see. One other reason I chose to use it was because I create a favorites folder, rate articles and blogs, and I can tag blogs that I submit. Overall rating for this application would be a 4 on a scale of 1-5. I found this application to be very useful and applicable for this course because ease of use, sharing, free, customizing, and functionality.


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