7 things you should know about RSS

7 Things you should…

The article in Educause does a great job of  explaining the process that RSS has gone through as well as its evolvement as  a learning tool. I almost see a theme in these articles in Educause in that they give us a good look in the learning process of students in adapting to these tools. It just seems that the students that get the technology put it to good use in their sutdies. While others use it for social networking. I wonder if there is a web site, blog or social network that gives advice to students on how to implement these tools into their education?


One thought on “7 things you should know about RSS

  1. Ya know, I did a quick Google search and found a few sites that were aimed at students, but I suspect that they are often either finding these tools through their friends, or when the professor makes them use an app. I suspect that many students use one or two apps (mostly FB and Twitter) and that’s it. I’m not sure they’re as techno-proficient as many people imagine them to be.

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