Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not

The way it was meant to be…collaboration seems to be the repeating message in these articles on wikis. But I see the web tool providing content as reactionary purpose as opposed to proactive purpose. By that I mean that most wikis get created after the fact as opposed to during the fact that something is being discovered or collaborated. Just like the wiki Cunningham said he created it because he wanted to share some program language with other users. It compared to the Frequently Asked Questions link in some websites. Because users kept asking the same questions and no one wrote down the answers the FAQ’s link was created to address those questions. Same with the wiki it was a response to a process that was already happening it was just made into a organized site.

I do get the connection with the wiki and its contribution to learning content but its just another web tool to choose from. Although, I do use wikipedia on occasion and feel the content is relevant I don’t feel the use of a wiki in a group setting is very beneficial since we have more collaborative web tools that incorporate so much more.


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