Wikis 7 things we should know

7 things we should know about wikis is very good reflection of what a wiki is and its uses. When wikis first started appearing on web searches it seemed like a dictionary. But if you take a closer look it is more about the content being contributed that makes the wiki dynamic. Intel Corporation the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer created a wiki ( Intelpedia) to allow its employees to contribute historical events that have transpired since its company was created. Another use that the wiki supports is  a dictionary of all the acronyms the company uses and has created in its culture.

Like the article states the wiki is significant to some organizations to promote collaboration and to some it is a easy tool to promote group work. Although effective just like any reference site or document being created for shared learning the content can become biased to a point that only the original contributors will want to participate with its development. Sometimes the wiki content can become a sensitive manner to some of its contributors. A wiki’s development in community of practice should be open to critiques and recommendations. The process allows for group sharing and participation without the damage to the community of learners.


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