Can MySpace make better writers?


Many teachers are embracing social networking sites, blogs and text messaging as a way to revive interest in creative writing.

So last week I wrote in my blog about the use of outdated blog articles and one of the comments I had made was what was the reasoning for keeping outdate blogs in the web. I also stated that none of the material would ever be used to publish a book. Well, maybe I should rethink that after reading this article. I agree with the author when she stated that today’s students get taught to write with imagination and creativity forgoing the details of spelling and puntuation. I know because my kids drive me crazy when they don’t pat attention to these grammatical standards. But they write tremendously better than I ever could imagine at their age.

I understand the point the author is getting to here since I too had to ignore the grammar in Technical writing. I spent too many years getting  accustomed to using acronyms to describe everything and technical jargon to communicate with peers. This social communication tool in itself was not about correct grammar or complete sentences but about getting the message across to the next person with as little writing as possible. What puzzles me is why are they in such a hurry? How does this social networking phenomena take away from the social apsect of communicating?


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