ELGG – Social network software for education. Steve O”Hear


As I started reading this article I was really excited that someone actually thought of education as a factor in their design. I was really ready to explore a new social tool that would make it easy for teachers to integrate social media into their lesson plans. I almost bought into this program as a a great social networking application that would help teachers start small and eventually expand is the application was developed. Then I noticed the date of the article. 2006. So I read the article and the interview of the developers of how this social networking tool was going to take shape. Well, they developed their networking tool but so has everyone else. I followed these links  Elgg Spaces,  Elgg.net, and unfortunately they don’t exist.

I wanted to find out if these gentlemen had actually followed through on their plans for this social networking application for education.  The one link I did follow was through Elgg and under community one can get to a social networking space for college students. But the blog is about a campus not particular to education per se. I will keep looking for my proverbial sword to slay the education learning  dragon with.


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