Professional Development: How does it fit into your organization?

I believe that all employees at all levels of the organization should plan some type of training, extended education, or attend conferences to enhance their professional careers. While some managers will attend almost anything to get out of the office most will consider the development of their teams before using up all the training dollars. Either situation should look at rewarding their employees for contributing to the success of the organization. Just because someone has an advanced degree does not mean that they are through learning. No, in most cases it’s the opposite. These individuals seek alternative learning methods so that they themselves can get motivated to create alternative learning methods in their workplace.

Development Plan

Personal development plan example

My previous post I discussed how training departments can get ahead of the year if they do a review on knowledge or skills their teams might need. I for one believe that creating a development plan at this point in the year will allow for more time to meet the goals, phase the development in quarters, prioritize the need, and allow for planning. Because, if you are like any other organization your project calendar will start to get filled up. Plus, allow for the employees to seek different methods of learning. For example, lets say distance education.

In the book, Distance Education: A Systems View by Michael Moore and Greg Kearsley, the authors present the factors or impact that distance education has on a student. The premise of the book is identifying what “distance education” is and how someone migrates towards this learning environment. Distance education is a mode of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. For me this type of learning environment was ideal while I was completing my graduate degree. Because my emphasis was learning the uses of instructional technology in the classroom I felt being a student in this environment I would have a better view of how to develop for adult learners. I feel like anymore organizations are rethinking their budget strategies and are starting to identify with the effectiveness that distance learning can have on their training budgets.

So, don’t procrastinate those development plans and commit to having your employees seek that professional development training. Make your team stronger by allowing that individual attend those conferences but also allow them to use those skills to help your organization move ahead of the industry. Most employees aim to do well but sometimes they don’t know that they need that extra training to help them along.