New Years Resolution

With the new year upon us I feel we owe it to ourselves to make an effort to make attainable goals to improve our skills in training and development. We all think of how we can improve our health for the new year and we think of how best to accomplish that. We change our diet, we start an exercise routine, we read health books, and sometimes we even purchase workout equipment. And if we are really motivated we join a fitness club or even a gym.

Most of society almost always thinks of losing weight and getting healthy. Why is that? Because we always think of our critical machine which is our body. We know that without our health we are impacted throughout our daily lives. That impacts almost everything we do as functioning members of society.

Now lets look at how we can make a resolution that will improve our development. If you needed to improve on one facet of your professional career what would it be? What would be the equivalent of keeping your body healthy? For me I will be attempting to complete a CPT certification to help me with human performance improvement. Will attempting to complete a certification or attending a conference this year provide healthy nutrients for you to improve your performance at work?

What I have always wanted to propose to my teams is that everyone evaluate their skills and identify the ones that need to be worked on. I liken it to a boot camp for training and development professionals. If you have ever been involved in any kind of team sport you will remember off-season. For example off-season for football players consists of conditioning and weightlifting to keep he body conditioned throughout the winter. So identify the skills that need to be honed and look for programs that can help you achieve those goals.