Summer School

I never had the misfortune of having to attend summer school but unfortunately for me I missed some opportunities to gain some relevant knowledge. What I do know now is that some students take advantage of summer school and work on school credits. So when I was growing up summer school almost always had a negative connotation. But only because we or at least I was not cognizant of any of these lost opportunities. Well with the myriad of technology systems available for learning today getting extra credit for summer courses is more attainable.

Now let’s turn to adult learners and professional development at the workplace. Since we don’t have programs for summer school then managers should consider creating development programs for adults looking to pursue career development. Just like any other student needing to improve on gap skills or defined deficiencies adults need a learning program to assist them with career development. I believe that managers should address these needs to also strengthen their teams productivity.  This could be like an adult summer training camp like most NFL teams run before the regular season begins.