Instructional Design Software

Recently, I was tasked to support the implementation of a ISD learning performance system. At first I was interested in the learning the new software but now that I have had time to play with it and use it I don’t really see the advantage to it. There are several applications out there that will support the development of instructional design and actually point the user in the right direction. But you still have to understand the analysis, design, and development of the course development process. The ISD personnel still have those conversations with the SME. They still collaborate with the course managers and work independently to structure the content as well as the assessments that need to be used to develop training. The message we received was that the software would help us streamline the ISD process and make our product more consistent. Well, from a document orgranization point of view I would have to say , Yes. But, if my organization is looking to cut down on the time it takes to fully develop the course content  immediately, then No.

The program allows the developer to create an analysis, objectives, and program flow online to be linked to each other and produce a nice clean course. The problem we have is that our job analysis is old, course managers create objectives based on the task matrix and the program is simply an outline of the course. So really not much instructional development goes into creating our courses its merely a form of revision with a good job of updating references. The implementation of this new software is to support the production side of course development but we are not a production facility. I think in the proper environment a LPSS or EPSS tool would benefit a training staff lacking in ISD experience or personnel, but not a staff that has both. I did not mention the software by name for a particular reason but if you want to know more about similar applications do a search for ‘learning performance support systems and instructional design”.