Course Managers or Training Instructors

Is there a difference in these two positions? I believe there is a huge difference in these two people and I would like to share some insight as to why. For instance a Training Instructor would develop and teach curriculum, maintain a certification or equivalent level of knowledge of content, responsible for safety requirements, develop performance-based initial and continuing training programs, develop and implement academic programs in support of training programs by classroom instruction and on-the-job training using lesson plans, OJT checklists, training checklists, and other training materials, procedures, and programs; Develop, schedule, administer, grade, and evaluate written and oral examinations. Ensure assigned training programs are in compliance with the requirements of program documents, company procedures, training implementation matrices, and training program plans. Evaluate training programs to ascertain that requirements are met and that the programs are vigorous and are accomplishing the goals established for delivery of training that prepares employees to perform their jobs. Conduct self-assessment activities required by company procedures, using results to improve the training programs. Track deficiencies and provide timely completion of actions that correct/mitigate deficiencies. Review technical procedures, reports, proposals, and other appropriate documents in order to determine their impact on the training programs and to make recommendations for implementation or revision based in needs or problems observed during operational or training evolutions. Implement approved recommendations. Develop innovative approaches, concepts, and strategies for training program.

Now someone has to manage all of these instructor requirements and who better to do that than the Course Manager. The CM owns the success of the course therefore is owner of all of these steps that it takes to conduct a succesful course. The CM collaborates with several resources to help him or her gather important information needed to build this course. From the smallest of details and valid data to support the beginning lesson to the final exam. This individuals course material and its significance depends on the contribution of Subject Matter Experts, Instructional System Designers, and their own experience in designing the course content. I believe that Course Managers should have the background knowledge of Adult Learning to be able to produce a competent learning environment in the classroom. Two very contrasting positions within Training and Development  with two differing objectives in creating a succesful learning experience.