Manage the Project

Well, it looks like it has been some time since I was last on this site. Better get to writing and sharing about my ISD experience. Usually when I post I like to interweave information from the web and link into my experiences. What I am going to do today is just write what I have done and learned in the last couple of months. I recently made a career change and without going into too much detail I was rewarded for my hard work and past experiences. My background lies in semiconductor manufacturing but I always liked Training and Development. So I steered to positions within my company that would allow me the time and experience to fulfill those talents. What I found out about myself was that I had a good skill at meshing talents and created a learning environment for my peers to succeed in. I think it comes from the fact that I was a good athlete while growing up and being on competitive teams just seemed natural.

Just like putting a good team on the field in the business world Human Resources groups should aspire to do the same. This is where people in Training and Development can help in identifying that talent and matching them up to good teams. If you are a good manager then your role as the leader (Coach) should be seemless from one position to another.  Being able to identify good talent is one task but then getting that talent to perform as a good team is another. Stroking egos is not so hard its the coaching, mentoring, training and career development of those egos that gets murky. What I mean by that is some individuals feel like they don’t any kind of devleopment so they stagnate and don’t progress with the times.

So create those workshops during slow times, come up with webinars that present new technologies, facilitate conversations among team members for input, and create that Personal Development Plan for the upcoming year. The easy part is getting the team involved the hard part is not doing it. Don’t let your team down. Develop their skills and get them ready to play.