Design Document

The one critical document that is required to promote the development of ones course is the design document. In the Instructional Design process the design document will cover the analysis of the course, identify goals, will guide the learning objectives, and help the development of the course content. In theory, the design document is created by the Design Team which collaborates in identifying the preceding elements. The course manager, instructor, SME’s, and Instructional Designer will meet to create the design document. The main sections of the design document will consider the target audience, the training needs, materials, assessment, and standard elements that will be used to instruct the course.

My experience as an instructional Designer has been to become a coach and support the project owners process. I feel it’s better to support the course manager and invoke confidence to establish an open link for communication. What is more important than the design process its the partnership it takes to work collaboratively together to create a productive document. If you have a good working environment then the design process becomes second nature to those involved. Learning to allow the owner to create the content for the course is easier than guessing as to what should be covered. When I say owner I mean the course manager or course instructor that will be presenting their version of the course structure. Designing and developing the course should be as easy as having the instructor walk the ID specialist through the course as if he would be teaching it to his students. Then you and the course manager capture that in a document that will outline and state exactly what the instructor has just presented to you. Sounds simple but time-consuming and very tedious but in the end a very productive training course will be created.