Alas my contract has run out and its off to a new adventure. I wanted to share some interesting facts about evaluation and how it impacts most programs. Evaluation by definition is systematic determination of merit, worth, and significance of something or someone using criteria against a set of standards. Simple enough but is it worth implementing or even doing? Probably one of the most recognized programs, Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Evaluation Model is of the highly regarded models still used today.  The following text summarized the concept of the evaluation process regarding training and performance.

The four-levels of evaluation consist of (Kirkpatrick, 1994):

  • Reaction – how the learners react to the learning process
  • Learning – the extent to which the learners gain knowledge and skills
  • Behavior – capability to perform the learned skills while on the job
  • Results – includes such items as monetary, efficiency, moral, etc.

This data will be quantified to each level of the program being evaluated and measures will be taken to address the needs of each level. But interestingly enough the majority of the organizations that use this model will not follow up with new directives to address the qualitative data that is collected. Instead most programs will be recycled and reused to generate the same stagnant data which will no doubt overlook the actual evaluation of the program. This the time that a true Training and Development leader or manager will recognize the need for true cost benefit change. Whether at the beginning or during or at the end evaluation is a valuable tool to use to measure the success of any program. Until next time.