Codes of Ethical Standards for Instructional Designers

You know at some time in our lives we have been directed or asked to do something that went against our better judgment. More times than not those requests were carried out and everything moved right along. I have experienced too many situations where ethics and morals were the last things on some managers minds when it came to getting deliverables out the door. Now I’m sure your thinking well isn’t that just normal business anymore and aren’t we just getting too sensitive with these standards.  This has nothing to do with personal moral obligations as human beings but being ethical in doing business. This should be one of the organizations core values.

All professions whether your an entry-level apprentice or a Senior Executive has to have some type of standard to uphold to. I don’t believe that individuals when they enter their jobs aspire to be crooked or dishonest. No I believe that somewhere in time they found it much easier to disregard their ethical standards and found it more prosperous to advance in their careers. Can I prove this? No, I can not but you don’t have to look far to understand the individuals that play this game so well. Just look at the state of our economy today and our school systems. I want to stress that we all take on certain characteristics in doing our jobs and we get complacent sometimes. We might think that what we are doing is fine until someone tells us what we were doing was wrong all along.  But before we moved into these positions we were held to a different standard because we were the ones creating the path for others to follow.

If you know what your being asked to do is wrong then stop and address the issue then. It takes a strong leader to suggest what’s right than one that does nothing and accepts whats wrong. “We are who we choose to be” –Hogarth from Iron Giant’