Instructional Design- The Management Piece

Just like any other business, education, or home project the management piece of the project is very key to accomplishing the final goal. The Project Manager (PM)or Design Leader should be a strong individual that understands how critical each step in the project development process is. Just as our diagram illustrates the PM has many hats to fill but each just as important as the rest. Why would I state that the management piece to any project is key? Very simple really this individual is the person that needs to drive the project, control the flow of the process, recruit the proper support resources, collaborate with external suppliers, and all the facets of the project management team.

My experience in design teams have allowed me to participate and lead on several levels of the design teams. As Subject Matter Experts we are contributors to the development of the course curriculum and course development. I feel that the PM is very instrumental in seeing that the collaboration of the design team is very cohesive. The PM has to ensure that the team captures all relevant material and identifies all correct resources to put the course material together. The manager guides the process by meeting with all participating members and communicates regularly to keep the plan on track. The manager also asks the right questions about the end of the product and how it will accomplish the team’s goal. This step starts the development process and is key throughout the life of the project.

What I don’t like is the apprehension that a project manager will show when constraints start building up. If your PM has the best interest in mind about the projects final goal then these obstacles will seem like bumps and not chasms. But when a PM starts delaying decisions and missing project deadlines because of apprehension on the direction of the project or even threats to your project this could be very damaging. The Project Manager should be no is responsible for making sure this very important task is performed. How does a Project Manager keep everyone posted on the progression of the project? Glad you asked because with today’s technology tools there is no inexcusable reason other than training why a manager couldn’t communicate with their teams.

There are so many tools that allow social interaction and many more that will allow group collaboration to share in the development process. My intent in posting this blog is to share through personal experience or research the myriad of web tools that will hopefully enhance and improve the delivery of instruction. It took me about a year into my graduate studies that I realized that technology solely is not the answer to improving training or classroom instruction. Although I fought it very strongly because of my personal development but once I studied the Adult Learning Theories the stigma did start to wear off. Even today I still have a hard time understanding why some adults responsible for instruction or training don’t adapt the use of technology in the classroom. 

I hope you enjoy the information and please do explore the infinite web tools that can support your learning aspirations.