What’s new in Web 2.0!

So the majority of blog readers are very familiar with Web 2.0 and its many definitions. My official introduction into 2.0 came last year while I was a grad student. Although the web revolution has been growing every year since the internet and computing became mainstream in the 1990’s the dynamic change in how the web has evolved is another matter. How does cloud computing fit into the web 2.0 picture? Can we actually run out of space to host information on the internet? That would be hard to phatom but it is possible after all we do store data in physical locations.  So back to Web 2.o and the new tools that have come about for us to play with.

Here are some that I looked up: VuVox– media presentation app; Prezi-very cool PowerPoint presentation app.;VoiceThread–  unique collaboration site very different than blogs or wikis; PhotoPeach– another presentation tool for slideshows. Some of my favorites that I use are Pandora, Flickr, GrooveShark, and Vimeo.  Put all these web 2.0 tools together and you have a very good resource dashboard to construct a very effective social constructive learning program. My experience in using these tools to create educational classes and enhance training courses is that the collaborative process in sharing these tools in projects becomes very effective. As instructional design experts we would like to motivate the students in the class to generate the best interaction we can. Hopefully stimulating the learning process for the individual and promoting a social presence to create a learning community.