Communication is still important!

I find it very interesting that even today with all the technology we have at our disposal we still need to learn how to communicate. I am not short on being the exception since I have three kids at home that I have to learn how to talk to on a weekly basis. Try dealing with emotional teenagers and a a ten-year old that thinks he is a teenager. I digress. Now back to the topic of communication where the gateway between transmitter and receiver is a key point in getting the message across. In 1400 b.c. the  oldest record of writing found in China was written on bones. How does the channel or gateway in this founding relate to todays technology?

Well, as long as someone at the other end acknowledges the message then some type of communcation has transpired. So communication can occur even if the participating entities are at a distant. Right? I like to think that communicatin occurs even if there is no response since no response sends a message in itself. What I believe that happens today in our world of technology and dynamic world of evolution (of electronics) is that the user doesn’t either know or understand how to use the technology tools and/or they don’t have the communication skills to use the technology correctly. I choose the latter since I deal with this type of scenario on a daily basis.

I’m not talking telephone conversations, email, or even mobile computing. I am referring to last weeks conversation about utilizing existing technology tools that can help a team transfer important information among team members to make valid decisions on important documentation. I believe that some type of performance metrics can be created to measure the success of learning communities and their contributions to group projects.