Final Project Presentation


For the life of me I am not able to embed this slideshare presentation into the blog. I’m not sure what to think since Authorstream seems to be working in the wiki and my LMS course. I give up and will submit like this. Gilbert

Final project


2 thoughts on “Final Project Presentation

  1. HI Gilbert —
    nice job. The link to Authorstream worked well, so embedding the presentation is no big deal.
    Three things to keep in mind as you implement your project — assess the tech skills and equipment of the participants (that can make or break it if they don’t have the computer savvy to use the sites); think about going beyond surveys on your assessment — use some tasks or artifacts. People often say what they think you want to hear on a survey. Finally, I’ve discovered that getting video to APS teachers can be an adventure since a lot of sites and links are just automatically blocked. Hope that doesn’t happen to you — but be prepared (maybe a dvd?).
    Good job — I like how you did this and I like your approach to the topic.

  2. I like the way you used the audio and the powerpoint presentation. The slides were to the point and offered sufficient information to let the viewer know what they needed to know about the project. The graphics of the design-colors, fonts, etc-were very easy to veiw and unlikely to cause problems for anyone. Your final project is well organized, very interesting, and on a very useful topic. I can already see a few things I want to change in mine based on some of the information you have in yours.Thank you.

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