Project update: Teacher’s and Blogs

Teacher’s and Blogs

My project is designed around the use of blogs for education. I am using the blog site Edublogs to create a blog for my learners to interact and collaborate on a learning activity regarding Learning Management Systems. The blog is actually part of my eLearning course design and it is linked into one of the activity’s the teachers need to participate in. The purpose of the design is to address the need teachers are looking for in engaging students with dialogue and interaction amongst each other. The application they currently use is stagnant and they want to use more facilitation in creating the collaborative learning environment.

Blogs are a great communication tool for teachers to share with their students, parents, assistants and other teachers the goings on in their classrooms. Using blogs to create Interaction and collaboration are elements of construction theory. Constructivism is often related to the philosophies of Dewey and Rousseau, and inspired by Piaget and Vygotsky. The goal of the design of Teaching with a blog is to capture the motivation of the teachers and hopefully invoke a change in creativity.