Wikis and Group Collaboration

Wiki’s are a great collaborative tool for getting groups to share content on particular topics. What I like about wiki’s are that they do create a centralized site for sharing, organizing and contributing to group work. Almost like asynchronous learning except without a instructor to direct the learning process. I like to call it a knowledge building site where contributors supply relevant knowledge. What I don’t like about it is that it feels like creating a encyclopedia.

The article Supplying Knowledge Creation defines the wiki as a collaborative learning web tool that allows for user learning through sharing. Communities of Practice promote knowledge sharing through combined efforts by a cohesive group of learners. The wiki allows for group learning through the process of individual contribution to the group work or project. Past experiences working in group projects using a wiki have been that sometimes the creator or owner can become a deterrent in the development process. In one case the wiki overseer would not allow for editing, change in organization, contribution to content and group involvement just for the sake of losing control. The project suffered due to lack of group contribution because of this over protection of the wiki site.


6 thoughts on “Wikis and Group Collaboration

  1. Hi Gilbert —
    I fixed the podcast. I had put up an MP4a and for some reason it just wouldn’t play, so I went back to an MP3.

    don’t forget your project rough draft …

  2. Hi Gilbert,
    In response to your question… I have the students use Blogger because it is the most intuitive and self-explanatory I’ve found. But I don’t use it for the class blog because I prefer the Word Press options.

    • Kevin,

      I got one response from Sumner but she wants to stick with WordPress. I will shoot you an email and outline what I would like to do to see if this will mature.

  3. Gilbert —
    I’ll put a link to this on the course blog with a note to have folks get with you on moving this along.
    Good job.

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