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There’s Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education. Gardner Campbell

Well, my attempt at posting a podcast regarding this article turned out to be more of a pain than I suspected. I will attempt again in the near future but the problem that I struggled with was with my podcast tool Blogamp. I tried embedding the source into my blog but for some reason it won’t show up when I publish it.

I thought the article did a great job of painting a great picture of the podcasting medium in a education setting. I feel like this depiction does a great job of capturing the use of this technology, if we can call it technology, with the college student of today. What a good way of making great use of one’s time to download course material, collaborate with group studies, capture relevant information for learning and implement it into a study routine that motivates the student. I remember reading about podcasting in its early use in education. I think the article I read was from a well established  school in the East coast and their was a picture of an iPod resting on a stool in front of a class of students and the headline was “Are Students Getting Their Monies Worth?” The concern was that parents were paying these huge tuitions for their kids to listen to an audio file of the instructor. But, I think this article does a good job of dispelling that myth that the professor is not out of the picture.

I can see podcasting being used as an enhancement tool in the classroom as the author states. Teachers can record audio files of lectures, reading assignments, or even instruction to make use of good time. I know that teachers in elementary like for parents to come into the classroom and help with reading. Parents could become involved with their kids by contributing some time to record some of these readings for the teachers. I know that my kids enjoy it when I can help in the classroom even if it is for a short time to read for 20 minutes or so.  This gives the teacher time to work on other classroom matters and the kids like a change as well.  Just like the different uses that podcasting invokes on a college campus their can be just as many creative uses in schools.

My personal connection to podcasting goes back to when I started listening to talk radio. I was living in Oregon at the time and completing my undergrad studies in Portland. I lived in Hillsboro, Oregon a suburb about 40 miles SE from Portland and the days I would drive I would listen to NPR on the radio. I just enjoyed the interviews, documentaries, and stories that they would do. I recall the social presence that they would create in almost every story and the manner in which they would present their material. I felt a real connection to the stories and the issue being addressed. Well, when I came back to the Southwest my work schedule had changed and I was no longer listening to NPR while driving. A few years ago my daughter abandoned her old ipod and I started using it to download podcasts of NPR from iTunes. I thought this was so cool to be able to do this. How does this invoke learning you might ask? Well for me it allowed me to learn about issues in society that I wouldn’t have learned about otherwise either through print or a news outlet. I think that if a tool can become a tool for teaching then it should be tried and tested for such  a purpose. I know that educators are very creative in their teaching methods I think its time for them to do the same with new technologies as well.


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  1. Hey Gilbert —
    still trying to create a podcast and embed it in your blog? I got another link, to podbeam, but when I clicked on it, my browser hung up and crashed.
    reminds me of my early days trying to teach with computers. I spent all my time rebooting machines and trouble shooting the software, and very little time on writing.

  2. Hey Gilbert

    I used podbean.com also o my podcast, also try showbeyond.com to podcast with slides or pictures. Just make sure the format is correct for both, you need it to be in an Mp3 format. Both sites will send to your blog page

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