Web 2.0 Project Proposal

Take 2.

The purpose of this proposal is to create an educational blog for elemenatry teachers where they can conduct a form of collaboration with their students. Along with introducing them to using a blog I also would like to integrate the use of Screencasting as a tool for creating visual/audio educational content. The blog will hopefully invoke a social constructivist learning environment where teachers can share ideas.

Analysis: Elementary school teachers within Albuquerque School District in particular Volcano Vista Cluster promote community learning in some of their classrooms. Being able to promote an added collboration tool for these teachers would be a welcome for some. The 4th grade team at Ventana Ranch uses Gaggle.net to engage students in communicating with each other and with their teachers but they know that it isn’t motivating enough for the students. Introducing an alternative like a blog could motivate the team to share creativity among their team members and expand on their teaching experiences.

Design: An account with Edublogs has been created and will be the site where the project will be constructed. A introductory lesson plan depecting a timeline of the English language will be used to integrate audio and visual content. Possiblilities for engagement could be links for exploration, space for blog posts on content, and use of blog for reflection of teaching experience with use of a blog.

Development: The timeline for this proposed project will be approximately 7 weeks starting with the creation of this desgin proposal. The first step will be to develop the course site. Secondly, research some content material to create timeline for English language. Thirdly, get content expert to overview content material for validity  approximately in 4 weeks. Lastly, recruit a few teachers to perform a pilot test on existing blog site to assist in identifying potential problems with instructional design of course. Plan to have course completed by due date of May 5th per syllabus.

Implementation: Once blog site is created and usability testing has been preformed a delivery date for usage can be annouced to teachers. Recruit elementary teachers from Ventana Ranch to participate in testing.

Evaluation: The course should produce measurable educational results. Maybe a  short survey to get immediate feedback from teachers once blog site has been interacted with. Also, a pre/post survey measuring the learners accomplishments during the course.

Challenge: Getting enough participants to assist with contribution of content materials, usability testing, and sustainability of site.

One thought on “Web 2.0 Project Proposal

  1. Nice Proposal, Gilbert.
    Lays out the project and the method you’re going to use — and this will also give you a set of benchmarks to use in evaluating your progress.
    Good revision.

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