Project Proposal

What? Design introductory online learning course for K-8 elementary teachers using Social Networking  Blog and integrate screencasting video presentation to explore the English language.

Why? To introduce elementary teachers the available resources for instruction which  invoke engagement with students and the use of non-traditional classroom tools.

Applications: Social networking blog, and ScreenCasting application (ie…ScreenToaster, Screenbloom etc…)


2 thoughts on “Project Proposal

  1. Hi Gilbert —
    Take a look at the project proposal’s put up on some of the other sites and then think about revising yours.
    Also — social networking? review? site you joined?

    • Kevin,
      Will do. After I posted I did look at Don Fischer’s and realized I didn’t do enough work to comprise of a design doc. I will correct asap.

      Social Network. Sorry I have a Facebook account and I thought I had posted a blog identifying this. But I will do so as well. I guess I started spring break a bit early.

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