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Delicious a social bookmarking service provided by Yahoo is one of the most used social media applications in the web. The other social bookmarking apps. that I looked at were StumbleUpon, and Reddit. I tried StumbleUpon I actually registered and used it for a week but was turned off by the favorites toolbar. The toolbar became a distraction and I didn’t  like the app. I looked at Reddit but their filters for language were a bit short on censorship. So I chose delicious because of the repository of information one could choose from. I really like being able to choose what I want to see and read along with maintaining the number of sites that I look at. The only application that I would like to see with delicious is if it would do a scroll through the bookmarks and tag the sites that matched my tags then upload them to my favorites folder. This way I don’t have to search for them. Maybe it already does that I just haven’t figured it out. I really enjoy searching for new sites and exploring the tags. It can become addictive in a fun sort of way just exploring to see what one can find. Maybe we can come with a web application like “treasure hunt” and set it up for searching web 2.0 applications! Anyway, delicious is my social bookmarking application and I would definitely recommend it for use and give it two thumbs up.

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  1. Hi Gilbert,

    I also like delicious a lot, but I have a hard time figuring out how to set which links I want to make public and which ones do not.

    I was able to import all my bookmarked items from my favorites, but I do not want to make all of them public. I guess i just have to play with it a little more and figure it out.

  2. Good review, Gilbert.
    I think you touched on the main reasons why delicious has been successful and continues to be so.
    What I find with my own bookmarks, is that I still tend to keep them on my desktop machine, but I use delicious to build bookmark collections for classes or for sharing.
    I think we might take a look at how to tie all the individual collections to the main one for the course, and thus build a library.

  3. We are sharing articles/resources in another class I’m taking this Spring. Right now we are using a list serv e-mail to share the information, but I think a shared Delicious site would work much better. I looked at a couple of other sites as well, but like Gilbert and others decided delicious was my favorite. The one thing I hated to do was open up yet another e-mail account with yahoo, but it seemed the simplest way to accomplish my goal. As to your comment about it being addictive-isn’t that true of much we do on the computer these days and nights? Isn’t there a word for getting distracted by too much information in relation to the way we start searchng for one thing on the Internet and end up looking at so much more? I seem to remember someone talking about it in another OLIT class.

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