Social Media in the Classroom-Twitter

How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student Engagement

An educator on a  college campus that accepted the social media tool Twitter to engage more student participation in her classroom. This University of Texas, Dallas History Professor integrated Twitter to get more of her students to contribute to the conversations in her class. The video does a great job of capturing most of what Distance Education is about in regards to students learning at a distance. It doesn’t sound like her intent was to invoke a distance education setting but the video does a great job of presenting jus that. If you listen carefully most of what the Professor is experincing is what distance education learning is like. The authors do a great job of letting the students describe the current state in the classroom then expand on the classroom environment when social media is preseented to the class. It sounds like they are describing a distance learning course. Their are hints of transactional distance, learner interaction, and Community of Inquiry models being described. The article is also good reading. Yea!


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