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I stumbled across this site eBiz MBA which is a site that lists several categories of numerous of blog sites. What got my attention was the number of categories in which blog sites were ranked.  You name it and it’s probably in here and linked to its home site. Unbelieveable! How much money can be made from one of these sites?

I digress and will get back to the purpose of this blog and that is what do I feel is relevant in a blog.  So we have social blogging, weblogging, social networking, corporate blogging, blogs by genre, blogs by media device and countless others. So how do I choose?  Individual can add content with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. But when do you know the blog has run its course? I know that if I do a search in my social bookmarking site and use specific tags I might pull blogs from a few years back. I always take a look at the date of the last entrance and see how long its been since anyone commented on it. How long do these static blogs stay in the semantic web? Do they get purged and is the content relevant?

I think that at some time someone will have to take a look at the outdated blogs and will have to decide whether they are worth maintaining. At least that’s what I would do if I wanted to clear some traffic on the web that isn’t meeting any purpose. I mean lets face it most of this material being created isn’t going to be written in a book right! Don’t get me wrong I think social networking and blogs are great but I just think that too much accumulation is too much. Except your’s KC this one can stay.

One thought on “Blogs,Blogs,Blogs and more Blogs

  1. Hi Gilbert —

    Outdated blogs? How could that happen? Actually, I think less than 10% of all blogs last even a year. Since most of them don’t take up much space on the servers, I imagine its still easier to ignore them than to clean them out. Still — makes you wonder. Why do some people persist in their blogging (which is often just a kind of journal writing) while others give it up?

    One week to pick an LMS? Well, I could do it at this point, but then, I’ve been doing this for years. Sound to me like the real problem is bad management — something that afflicts MANY American companies these days.

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