3 thoughts on “Moodle Presentation

  1. Hi Gilbert —
    ever used Moodle yourself? Its an interesting piece of software, more flexible and easier to use than WebCT or BlackBoard, but its still a CMS. The whole idea of a CMS is now 50 years old — the original was called PLATO and was developed at the U of Illinois in the 60’s. Might be time to think about a different set of tools.
    But first, we need to understand how people learn, and then we can develop tools that will help them learn.

    • kc,
      yes i have used Moodle before and I really did like it. FengFeng used Moodle in her Multimedia course a few years ago and we were introduced into Moodle then. I am going to use it for my design project in olit538 to create an online course for entry level users. Not that I am an expert it will be a good challenge.

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