Outlook Goes Kinda Buzzy, Adds Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace Integration

Technorati seems like a very mainstream blog site which feels more like a corporate site which I want to get away from when looking at blogs. I took a gander at Technorati and it looks clean and very robust. Even has some news and sports but for me if I want that I will go to ESPN or Fox Sports. I know we all hide bones in our closets but I have to have my fix of sports news. Anyhow, back to Technorati the blog site like I mentioned it feels like its too commercialized. I wouldn’t recommned it to bloggers that wanted to social blogging.  Although the article regarding Outlook and LinkedIn was catching it did send up some flags for me. I have used Outlook for many a year and I really think it is a great businees management system but I don’t like the feel to this at all. Outlook in the corporate world is a communication tool for sharing docs, calendars, contact lists and scheduling meetings. I think integrating social network programs could become a security issue.