Vancouver Olympics 2010

I am a huge sports fan and usually don’t get to excited about events similar to this but I thought this was very interesting. If  some of you are familiar with Bing, the elaborate search engine produced by Microsoft® then this will surely impress you. It did me and I usually don’t hand out comments on such a whim. What caught my attention was the number of web 2.0 applications that are being used to share the information around the 2010 Olympic events. I added a couple to my Facebook  account and shared it with my friends (not that some of you aren’t my friend). Go USA!


2 thoughts on “Vancouver Olympics 2010

  1. I also have Bing as a homepage and feel they are doing a great job at covering the Olympics. It is a great way to keep track of what has already happened and what is coming up. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to watch the hockey games but go wild about the ski jumping or some other event. I know a great many people who only watch one or two events and get really frustrated when the televison hardly covers them at all. I remember a Canadian friend who got really excited when she found out they were showing the Curling competitions. My favorites are the skiing, figure skating, and hockey events.

  2. Lora,

    The first thing my kids look at in the morning are the medal counts page. Then if they have time they look at some videos while waiting for breakfast. I just think that with the myriad of software applications that can be put into such a great media site is amazing. And then of course the Canadians are a bit ahead of the “profit” nations. I love watching the speed skating like tonight or we will catch a hockey match if it sounds interesting.

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