Digital Native

Think my daughter isn’t a digital native. I observed my daughter (14 year old) this past week just to see how digital her world is. She will text on her phone, use computer to research for data, downloads music “constantly” on her Zune, downloads pics off her camera (she is member of Yearbook), she just created a YouTube account for posting videos, she has an IM account ( when her phone gets taken away she uses this),discusses topics in class that are presented from Channel One News, and plays her Wii. Plus she has time to do her homework and read a book. Now that is engaging in a social world.



2 thoughts on “Digital Native

  1. So, would you agree that even though youth is spending increasing amounts of time in front of a screen they are not actually any less social but in a way are becoming more social because of all the ways to be involved through things such as facebook, myspace, and texting?

    • Mira,
      Thanks for the post and the question. yes I would agree with that supposition that the digital natives are more social. Not that my daughter sits around the house afterschool staring at monitors or tv screens. She has become very adaptive with technology and I would equate that to the technology products in our house. I spent over 18 years in the semiconductor industry and I can recall our first computer. Just like social constuctionism these kids learned from there own social environment.

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