web 2.0 Applications/Finding a Blog site

This weekly web 2.0 applications review will cover my search for a good blog site. I wanted to find a site that would look and feel organized without having to do too much work on it. I first looked at Blogger which is supported by Google. Since I had a gmail account I thought it might be convenient to go this route. The account setup was easy, it might have taken about 3 minutes to setup and register. I didn’t like the look or feel of this site and it didn’t contain some links I wanted. The next site I looked at and created an account with was EduBlogs. A site for students and educators which sounded like it was going to work. But once I actually got into the site and actually tried organizing it took too much work to make it look like I wanted it to. This site also easy to setup and access but was short on blog space (3G).

I tried not to go to WordPress as a blog site but I found this site to be the most organized and efficient site. The templates have most of the addins needed for this course and it is easy to organize. The sign up and setup were rather easy. I like the look and feel and it is easy to toggle from dashboard to admin windows.